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Grech Motors products have set the standard for the industry by defining what a minicoach should be. We have also taken things one step further with our new flagship model, the EG40, we have truly reinvented the minicoach. This is the industries first and only unibody Freightliner minicoach with full Passthrough Under Floor Storage. Another design breakthrough Grech Motors has achieved is this unibody structure. Other minicoaches consist of two parts: the chassis and the bus cage (which makes up the bus body) that is simply mounted to the chassis’ frame rails through a multitude of body mounts. Grech Motors has long been known for the quality and strength of their bus cage but the EG40 takes our engineering to another level. The EG40’s chassis frame is heavily modified into a proprietary geometry that allows it to become an integrated part and a unibody design. The resulting vehicle skeleton is a purpose-designed structure, from axles to roof line, that meets the load-carrying requirements of both the chassis and the bus body with a single blended framework. Not only does this approach free our designers to incorporate the full pass-through under floor luggage, this also gives us more structural integrity, improves the vehicles handling and provides the best possible ride quality for your passengers.

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